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Contract League Update

You are surely already aware that there has been a Facebook group created for this league.  That may be our best/easiest option to run the Free Agent Auction… but it is still up for discussion.

Also, there has been a request from a couple of you to possibly run a forum instead of a formal training as there are varying amounts of available time and interest.   I’m up for doing this.. as of now.  But, let me know if you think this is a good option.   NEW FORUM HAS BEEN CREATED AND IS OPERATIONAL! — HERE

I know we are branching out to a lot of different sites, and this can be burdensome.  So if this is the case, please let me know and we can try to slim down the approach!


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LevelUp Update

Sorry I haven’t been keeping y’all up to date with my LevelUp links. I kinda assumed you were seeing my posts on twitter or facebook and checking the site out on your own.  But checking this out today I noticed that people were still coming here after you got the email about a new post.  So, head on over and check out the newest post!  Luckily, it includes links to all the ones I’ve written over there so far.  Enjoy.




Bad News – Good News

Hey Everybody!     I have a new post!!  Check it out here —> Summer School Week 1

I have some bad news and good news.

Bad news – I will no longer be sharing all my Fantasy Football knowledge on this blog 😦

Good news – I have been recruited to join LevelUpFantasy!

Thank you for all your support over the past 2 months.  I really feel like I made some headway and by joining an actual website that has more than one writer to drive traffic I feel like this is the best situation for myself and for you!  Please check out the site and I will be contributing at least one piece a week for them and would love to have your support still.

I will also push out a quick lil post on here when something is posted on LevelUp if you are not following me on twitter so you can check it out.  I plan on still updating my Random Stuff page as well as providing other insights on baseball, basketball and NCAA Basketball when the time is right, so not all is lost!

Thanks again,


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Rookie Fantasy Targets

I’m going to be upfront with you.  I often avoid drafting rookies in my keeper league as I don’t like the risk involved with ‘guessing’ on how said player will perform in the NFL, when you have the ability to draft players who you know what to expect.  However, with the right amount of research and NCAA knowledge, you can develop a strategy and priority list that will put you way ahead of your competition when it comes to getting steals in the later rounds of your drafts. There are 1,000 college games every week and roughly 10,000 players who will never do more than get free drinks at frat parties and score all the babes, but, all you need to know is the 2-4 that will take your team from the doghouse to the penthouse.  Without further ado, here are my thoughts on what rookies you should be keeping a close watch on throughout training camp and the preseason, and potential selecting in your draft!

The values following each player are based on a 10-team PPR league [17 rds]:

  • Rookie Positional Ranking
  • Target Round [3 man-Keeper League]
  • Target Round [Redraft League]

Blake Bortles, QB – Jags:  Bortles has all the classic tools and prototype build for a Pro-QB.  You should assume that Blackmon won’t see the field next year, which hurts, since that leaves Cecil Shorts as WR1.  However, the Jags addressed this issue by drafting Marquis Lee and Allen Robinson (See below).  Both -have the potential to be quality NFL WRs, which provides some promise for Bortles future.  It should also be noted that if Bortles struggles in training camp or preseason, the ever dangerous Chad Henne is waiting.  (QB1, 14, FA)

Sammy Watkins, WR – Bills:  Watkins has been favorably compared to a “freak” in lines with Megatron, Julio and Fitz.  This bodes well for his future NFL production, but unfortunately he is paired up with an unproven Soph QB (Manuel).  Currently the Bills have 3 WRs on the roster and Watkins figures to be WR1 or 2. Should be getting plenty of looks, but with the limited knowledge on how Manuel will perform, Watkins value is limited.  Did not run a complex route-tree at Clemson, so may have some growing pains his rookie year.  Also will have to matchup with top-tier CBs within the division. (WR3, 9, 12)

Mike Evans, WR – TB:  Evans possesses all the “basketball” skills that are ideal for deep/red-zone threat WRs.  In TB he’ll immediately get slotted at WR2 behind Vincent Jackson and not have competition for it.  Only area of question for him in 2014 is at the QB spot.  Will Lovie Smith go with Glennon or McCown?  Both have shown Fantasy promise, and with McCown at the helm, look for Evans to be a poor-man’s Jeffery. (WR2, 9, 12)

Eric Ebron, TE – Det:  Ebron is the fair and away best receiving TE in the 2014 class and his top 10 pick cements that notion.  While the Lions have a true gunslinger in Stafford, it often fails to click with people that besides Megatron, he has been throwing to Burleson, Rashied Davis, Pettigrew and Scheffler.  With the addition of Golden Tate to draw triple teams away from Megatron, the middle of the field should make for plenty of opportunities for Ebron.  There will be plenty of balls to go around and he should be able to make the most of his opportunities against the majority of his matchups. (TE1, 9, 12)

Odell Beckham Jr, WR – NYG:  Beckham fills a huge void in the Gmen offense with the loss of Nicks.  He will play along-side Cruz and be a threat that Eli will love to target.  My concern is that Eli has looked terrible for two years now and may have lost “it”.  Also, Beckham is built for the slot, but with Cruz holding that down it will be interesting to see if he struggles outside against press coverage.  (WR4, 11, 13)

Brandin Cooks, WR – NO:  One dynamic player out, another one in.  This made all the sense in the world for the Saints as they moved on from Sproles and replaced him with a bigger version.  Cooks demonstrated elite speed (4.33) and has shown a willingness to run routes through the middle of the chaos.  He is often compared with Steve Smith.  In a potent offense ran by Brees and Payton, Cooks has the potential to be everything that Tavon Austin wasn’t last year.  (WR1, 8, 12)

Johnny Manziel, QB – Clev:  Pay no attention to his “fall” from the top 5.  Teams were smart to play mind games against each other while picking up other needs for their teams.  Cleveland finally pulled the trigger on him and he has the potential to change the franchise going forward.  While I’m not a fan of all the scrambling and free styling, you cannot argue against his speed and arm strength.  You’ve also surely noticed the recent trend of mobile quarterbacks having a place in the future of the NFL (Newton, Wilson, RG3, Luck, and Kaep) and he will be working under the same OC that created an offense that excelled with RG3.  Bad news alert – Gordon is most likely suspended for the year and Burleson re-fractured his arm.  His top WR is Greg Little… God really does hate Cleveland.  With his ability to add yards via the run and now having a year in which he can go through growing pains or sit behind Hoyer without the pressure to win, Manziel has the potential to be a quality QB in the future.  (QB2, 10, 15)

Kelvin Benjamin, WR – Car:  A very raw WR with all the ability in the world.  He is immediately Newton’s #1 option and should get plenty of targets.  But, he struggles to run routes and is very inconsistent with catching (not a good problem for a WR to have).  If they are able to develop a game plan that utilizes his skill set as he mentally adjusts to the Pro-game, he can be successful.  His value will be higher than it should be given there are no other real WR options in Carolina.  (WR5, 9, 12)

Teddy Bridgewater, QB – Min:  Has the skills to immediately step in as a starter.  Don’t buy into the nonsense that occurred due to his pro-day.  It was one day compared to a college career that resulted in him completing an absurd 70% in 2013.  He has shown the ability to make all the throws required while also limiting the INTs.  If he is able to prove himself in training camp and preseason, he should get the starter role over Cassel/Ponder.  A downside though, his top two WRs are Jennings and Patterson, and there’s some guy named AP demanding the ball in the backfield.  If the Vikings get him more WR help his value should increase.  (QB3, 11, 14)

Derek Carr, QB – Oak:  Has NFL level skill when it comes to the short-intermediate passing game due to his super quick release and short-range accuracy.  However, he was not required to throw down field much in college and often shows duress in the pocket when pressured.  With Schaub and others in the running for the wide open QB spot in Oakland, Carr should just be in the back of your mind unless he is named the starter. (QB4, 16, NA)

Austin Seferian-Jenkins, TE – TB: Does not come in as TE1 and with Wright showing flashes of receiving value last year, ASJ shouldn’t be on your radar immediately.  However, he is a great run-blocker and TB may start running dual TE sets now that they have more offensive weapons.  (TE3, 16, NA)

Marquis Lee, WR – Jags: With no WR1 (Blackmon gone?) and Shorts becoming a FA, Lee holds not only value now, but greater value for the future.  Will get plenty of targets if the QB situation is mediocre, and if he can regain his fresh/soph outputs he will be a key piece in the passing game puzzle for Henne/Bortles. (WR6, 13, 14)

Jordan Matthews, WR – Phi:  High college production and ideal body for WR. He will start at WR3 and able to be productive all over the field, both deep and across the middle.  Kelly’s offense was explosive last year so there will be balls to be had.  He may slide higher if he gains chemistry with Foles (WR7, 12, 15)

Davante Adams, WR – GB:  Will come in as WR4 and will be competing with Boykins to resume the role vacated by James Jones.  Shouldn’t expect great numbers from him this season, but with both Jody and Cobb becoming FAs, he may hold value into the future. (WR9, 14, NA)

Bishop Sankey, RB – Ten:  Versatile RB that has chance at being RB1 behind a strong Titan line.  While he does possess some receiving ability, he may not see the field much in passing situations as he is poor at pass protection. (RB1, 12, 14)

Cody Latimer, WR – Den:  While Denver acquired Emmanuel Sanders to replace Decker this offseason, Latimer will not be called on very often this season.  But spending a year learning from Peyton, Welker and Demaryius Thomas should allow him to grow.  With Welker and D.Thomas FAs after the season, he has dynasty value.  (WR10, 15, NA)

Allen Robinson, WR – Jags:  Similar to Lee above, Robinson is coming onto a team with an unknown QB situation and only one established WR.  Scouts love his athleticism and ball control when going after balls.  But he is stuck on a team that may not go anywhere on offense.  At the very least we should expect him to be WR3 and that may be enough to take a dynasty flyer on him. (WR8, 14, NA)

C.J. Fiedorowicz, TE – Texans:  Will be the potential TE2 behind Graham in Houston.  Displayed the receiving abilities you’d like while at Iowa, however he does not have the downfield speed to pose huge threats in the passing game.  Is a big body with huge hands and new Head Coach O’Brien loves to deploy dual-TE sets. (TE2, 15, NA)

Jerick McKinnon, RB – Min:  Will compete as a change of pace back behind AP and RB2.  However, with AP in front of him and a potentially better passing game with Bridgewater at the helm, he shouldn’t be viewed as anything more than a handcuff if he gets the backup role out of camp. (RB2, 16, 15)

Dri Archer, RB – Pitt:  If you are looking to draft speed like good ol’ Al Davis, this is your guy.  Posted the faster 40 at the combine (4.26) and was explosive on offensive throughout college.  Major concerns are his durability since he is small and how Pitt will manage getting the ball into his hands.  Has the potential to impact a team like McCluster, once he becomes more refined. (RB3, 15, 15)

Richard Rodgers, TE – GB:  With the departure of Finley, GB is lacking an established go-to receiving TE to incorporate with their deadly passing offense.  As with all the other elite passing attacks, a TE working the seam is a necessity.  Rodgers has the potential to fill that role but will need to demonstrate growth with his route running and hands to secure the role.  (TE4, 14, 16)